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Visual and Performing Arts Programs

VAPA Programs

The American Canyon High School Visual and Performing Arts Department offers comprehensive and sequential instruction in a wide variety of courses. If you, as a parent, take a holistic view of your child, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ensure that they get a well-rounded education. The Arts provide students meaningful ways to create, express, share, connect, and respond to others. Visual and Performing Arts classes allow students to solve problems, thinking critically and creatively, in a hands-on learning environment.

Students with visual and performing arts experience score higher on SATs than students without arts experience. There are many other reasons to sign up for an art, drama, or music class, however. 

Students, sign up if you want to challenge yourself to be the best you can be if you want to explore creative means of self-expression if you would like to make many new friends if you like to travel (figuratively and literally), if you like to perform, or if you want to learn skills you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

Performing Arts Recruiting Form - Please use this form if you or your child have are interested in Band, Choir, or Drama.

Art - Art (1, 2)

     * Contact Steve Pult-Vega -

Ceramics - Ceramics (1, 2)

     * Contact Adam Musto -

Choir - (Bass Choir, Tenor Choir, Chorus, Concert Choir & Chamber Choir).   

     * Contact Jamie Butler -

Drama - Drama (1, 2, & Advanced) Drama Website

     * Contact Summer Heartt -

Instrumental Music - Performing Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble,  Jazz Ensemble, Strings Orchestra,  Advanced Strings

     * Contact Brendan Day -

Photography - Photo (1, 2)

     * Contact Jenifer Leahy -

How to stay in Performing Arts throughout High School

Band and Orchestra