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Graduation Requirements

American Canyon High School, Napa High School & Vintage High School:

To earn the diploma the student shall pass the California High School Exit Exam and successfully complete 220 semester-period credits in the graduation requirements below and elective courses approved by the Board. In order to qualify for graduation from grade 12, the student shall earn a minimum number of semester-periods in given subject-areas, as follows: 


    40 Units


    30 Units

Science (with lab)

    20 Units

Social Studies

    30 Units

Visual Performing Arts

    10 Units

World Language (same language)

    20 Units

Physical Education

    20 Units

State Requirement - Health

      0 Units


    50 Units


220 Units

ACHS has a 40-hour Community Service graduation requirement. All students at ACHS are expected to complete 10 hours of community service each year, however, students may complete the 40-hour graduation requirement at any time within their years at ACHS. If you have any questions regarding the community service graduation requirement, please contact your counselor.